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Can your team find the clues,
crack the codes, and solve the riddles to
escape the room in less than 60 minutes?

Hurry! Every minute counts!



Conveniently located between Akron and Cleveland at
3301 East Royalton Rd., Broadview Heights, Ohio

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Chaotic Classroom

You are in danger of failing 4th grade due to a lack of effort and poor performance on group projects. Your teacher knows you are capable of the work and is giving you an opportunity to earn extra credit. You are placed in a new group, but you must participate fully, demonstrate understanding, and complete all tasks in order to pass. Can you escape with enough knowledge to advance?

60 minutes : 6-12 participants

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Are you afraid of the dark? What will you feel, hear, and smell? Is something lurking behind the corner or crawling up your arm? Will your other senses become heightened, or will your mind begin playing tricks on you?

The Darkroom is an exciting MULTI-SENSORY experience.

30 minutes : 2-6 participants

Groupon available

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Zombie Garage

Can you prevent the Zombie Apocalypse?

The dead are walking among us! The Zombies have started to feed on humans and this plague will devour the planet if we can’t activate the Zombie Killing Machine. The most advanced weapons have only slowed down the Zombies, but the answer to human victory can be found at a backwoods mechanic’s garage. Bob operated his auto shop for 50 years and just finished making the ultimate zombie killing device. Unfortunately, Bob was zombified before he could activate the weapon. You need to search Bob’s Garage, problem solve, and use teamwork to prevent the Zombie Apocalypse

60 minutes : 6-12 participants

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When? When? When?

The Chaotic Classroom, Darkroom and Zombie Garage
are all now accepting reservations.

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Normal Business Hours

Thursday and Friday — 5:00pm - 10:15pm
Saturday — Noon - 10:15pm
Sunday — 1:00pm - 6:15pm



  1. What is an Escape Game Challenge?
  2. The Ultimate Escape Challenge is a live escape adventure designed for groups of families, friends, co-workers, and game enthusiasts. Teams must work together to attack tasks, solve riddles, crack codes, and locate clues to escape the room in less than one hour.
  3. What is better than one live escape room?
  4. Two rooms of the same theme! You will be able to challenge another team to an Escape battle. Both teams will have 60 minutes to escape the room. The difference: Teams will now battle the clock and each other.
  5. How many players make up a team?
  6. Up to 12 players can work together in the Chaotic Classroom. A Full Zombie Garage equals 12 participants. A Full Darkroom equals 6 participants.
  7. What skills are required to play?
  8. Only brains are required, but communication skills are beneficial.
  9. Is there an age limit to play?
  10. We recommend ages 4 years and older due to the task challenges and time element of the game. All participants must complete a waiver or have one completed by a parent/guardian in order to participate in the escape challenge.
  11. Will I be playing with other guests?
  12. You are welcome to create your own team and purchase an entire room of tickets. There is not a minimum number of tickets to be purchased. If you purchase less than an entire room, you may be scheduled with other guests and will form a team on game day. A full Chaotic Classroom Team = 12 participants. A Full Zombie Garage = 12 participants. A Full Darkroom = 6 participants.
  13. What time should I arrive for my game?
  14. You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow for check-in and pre-game instructions. If you arrive late, you will have the remaining time of your session to try to escape.
  15. Current escape rates are:
  16. Chaotic Classroom - 26.1%
    Darkroom - 50.9%
    Zombie Garage - 55.8%

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Corporate Team Building

This Team-Building challenge is a live escape adventure designed for teams to work toward a common goal and try to reveal a necessary code to escape the room in 60 minutes or less. Teams must attack tasks, solve riddles, crack codes, and locate clues using combined brain power. Communication is the key!

Corporate event hours can be scheduled around the needs of your company. Typical corporate start times range from 10AM - 3PM, Monday through Friday.

For Corporate Team-Building Events, please email our
Team Building Coordinator for information and for assistance in scheduling your event.

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